Dimensional Survey Experts in Shrewsbury who go the extra mile

If you are looking for a precise dimensional survey of a residential or commercial building, our dimensional survey experts will save you time and money as they put high-quality theodolites into action to obtain three-dimensional coordinates without the need to visit every point. Following an initial consultation, your exact needs will be discussed.

Battlefield Land Surveys Ltd

Measured Building Surveys

An accurate representation of your building showing all the structural elements and architectural features, measured building surveys are one of our specialities at Battlefield Land Surveys. Accurate floor plans are essential to give a true representation of the building, and these are backed up with elevations and cross sections presented as scaled survey drawings. You’ll be amazed by our dedication and attention to detail.

Battlefield Land Surveys Ltd

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Battlefield Land Surveys Ltd

Floor Plans and Elevations

At Battlefield Land Surveys we know that only the highest level of detail will do. Therefore, we don’t just use CAD and our own in-house software; we also provide direct measurements by traversing the building interior so that you’ll receive perfect floor plans matched exactly to your requirements. By using the latest technology we give more precise readings than ever before for elevation surveys. That’s why we use Leica theodolites to produce three-dimensional coordinates, so that you’ll receive elevation plans you can rely on!

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